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These are my Lightroom Presets COLOR!
Muted vintage tones with a pinch of grain (well, it’s a lot of grain, but I guess you know where to reduce it). Some are more saturated others less. Dive in and tweak them to your liking.

KEBA01 is my go to preset for green backgrounds. I usually desaturate all greens but with this one I’m happy to celebrate some green in my shots.
The second preset suits w/ all earthy toned photos. It’s a bit warmer and – of course – it’s grainy.
KEBA03 is the most vintagy. It has a yellow-greenish touch and it’s more on a warm side again.
With the last preset you may have to work with the brightness of the photo. I use KEBA04 the most in my current state state because it’s an allrounder.